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What additional services are available?
Located just 4 blocks from APEL is the Washington State University library and Consolidated Information Center. Tenants also have access to large conference rooms and a 250 seat auditorium across the street in the Energy Northwest Multi-Purpose Facility, MPF. There are two restaurants within a block of APEL. In addition, graphics, photography, and many other services are available from nearby Science and Technology Park members. APEL occupants enjoy the following amenities:
  • Analytical and Calibration Services:
    APEL has a certified analytical lab. Instrument calibration services are also available.
  • Finance:
    APEL occupants are eligible to apply for a number of finance sources including equity and micro-equity loans, as well as deferred loans. Help is available with STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer Research), SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) and other grant programs.
  • Business Assistance:
    Occupants may also use the business resource center located in the WSU Consolidated Information Center and participate in the WSU Tri-Cities Entrepreneur's Success Training Program. Marketing assistance is also available, as well as SCORE counseling. See WSU Tri-Cities. APEL occupants have access to the University Library and its resources, including inter-library loans, and computerized national inter-library information, and resource links.
  • Technical Assistance:
    Occupants pursuing new business and product lines are eligible for free technical assistance from Pacific Northwest science and engineering staff. APEL offers a direct outreach contact for the Washington Technology Center, which provides matching technical assistance from the States major universities.

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