What is APEL?
APEL is an Eastern Washington technology business startup center with engineering and manufacturing scale space, as well as wet labs, bio labs, and electronic laboratories. Prototypes or pilot plants can be tested and initial manufacturing conducted using APEL's utilities, services, and permits. APEL supplies process and hood-off gas connections, compressed air, vacuum, water, and power. APEL also has air & water discharge permits, and flammable storage permits.
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Opportunities for Startup Businesses
APEL provides opportunities for efficient and effective business startup and development, validation, and commercialization of new product lines. Entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and businessmen developing new product lines will all have access to the facility. Benefits include:

APEL speeds business startup and testing
Equipment can be quickly connected to building services and effluent systems. A variety of spaces are available including development and demonstration space, offices, labs, manufacturing, and high bay. Services include broadband, LAN, water, compressed air, power (up to 480 V), exhaust air, wastewater discharge, and vacuum.

APEL facilitates commercialization decisions
APEL is a professional, regulated environment for bringing forth new product processes and services. Testing shortens the development cycle and facilitates go, no-go decisions. It presents an ideal environment for showcasing your products to potential investors, as well as dealing with regulators.

APEL's permits work for you
APEL holds permits allowing tenants to use permitted effluent systems and flammable storage permits, which means you work directly with APEL, not the regulators in conducting your development work.

APEL provides protection
Start-up businesses depend upon intellectual property and proprietary materials to succeed. To protect your assets, APEL provides key card access, and individually customized security measures. Trained security personnel patrol the facility during off hours.

Apel provides technical support
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) scientists, engineers, and other professional staff are available to APEL occupants for consulting, collaboration, or professional support. Because many PNNL and other technical staff occupy APEL, there is opportunity for informal collaboration and synergism. Tenants have access to Energy Northwest services including a certified Environmental/Analytical Laboratory and Instrument Calibration Services.

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