»Available Space
How big is APEL and what types of space are available?
APEL is a 90,000 sq. ft. facility, with a 25,000 sq. ft. "high bay" with 28--30 ft. ceilings, and additional space with 10-13 ft. ceilings. It has 35,000 sq.ft. of wet laboratories, business startup bays, and entrepreneurial test spaces available for new business development activities. High-tech service infrastructure is built throughout the facility for quick connect access. Vacuum, compressed air, and water services are terminated to valve connections in each space. Electrical is run to breaker boxes within each room. Liquid effluent discharge and ventilation exhaust connections are stubbed and capped into most spaces for easy access.

Facility Description
The APEL Complex consists of two adjoining buildings: a 16,500 sq. ft. brick office building and a 25,000 sq. ft. "high bay" building with two 22,000 sq. ft. entrepreneur and lab areas plus common space, for a total floor area of 90,000 sq. ft. Included in the Entrepreneur-Lab area is a 2,500 sq. ft. air conditioned, raised floor telecommunications center. The entire building is sprinkler protected with firewalls separating various areas. APEL is serviced by fiber optic broadband lines, local area network lines, and 40000 KVA power service, along with natural gas, city water, sanitary sewer, and process sewer.
  • Business Startup Space
    APEL contains business startup space and services including offices, conference rooms, copiers and faxes and the use of a video conferencing room.
  • High Bay
    The 25,000 sq. ft. high bay area has a 28-30 foot ceiling and the upper and lower mezzanine areas have a 13 foot floor-to-beam height. The high bay has a back loading dock with hydraulic lift elevators along with three drive-through roll-up doors which are 16 feet high. The building is serviced by two 1500 KW emergency diesel power generators. The high bay is also serviced with hot and cold water, vacuum, and clean compressed air.

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