»Requirements, Permits & Policy
What are the requirements for entry and operating at APEL?
APEL is an open user facility. One of its primary purposes is to promote development of new businesses and product lines leading to new jobs in the local communities. APEL is concerned with the safety of its occupants. APEL does not accept projects using biological or chemical warfare agents or explosives. It also does not accept radioactive materials. However, sealed commercial radiation sources in instruments and tracer quantities below licensing levels may be allowed. If you have questions or would like more information about APEL, contact APEL Management/FPMC.

Effluents, emissions and permits
APEL has a liquid effluent discharge permit to the City of Richland water treatment facility and a Benton county air discharge permit. APEL also has a fire safety permit from the City of Richland and five separate fire zones which flammable and combustible gases and liquids may be safely stored.

Environmental policy

APEL shall, consistent with prudent practice, conduct its activities in a manner which considers the protection of the environment in accordance with applicable federal and state environmental laws, regulations, permits, and agreements.

APEL is ISO 14001 compliant.

To protect the environment, the APEL will:

  • Conduct activities such that adverse impacts to the environment are minimized to the fullest extent practicable;
  • Operate and design the facility in a manner which meets or exceeds federal and state environmental regulatory standards;
  • Use materials in ways which minimize releases to the environment and generation of wastes, which give priority to the reuse and recycling of waste products, and which dispose of waste materials by safe and responsible methods;,
  • Promptly report and act on incidents that cause environmental harm or exceed regulatory standards so as to minimize the impact of the incident;
  • Audit the applicable activities to evaluate compliance with APEL policy and current regulatory requirements.
APEL is responsible for ensuring that activities at APEL are accomplished in accordance with this policy.

Tenant environmental policy
While the APEL facility holds the permits, the tenants hold ultimate responsibility for compliance. The APEL facility is operated to allow tenants maximum flexibility while operating within the various permit parameters. The systems approach to regulatory and permit compliance at APEL provides an environment conducive to startups, and testing with efficient, effective environmental compliance and minimal intrusion.

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